Lily is a natural performer and has appeared in various productions. She is engaging and dynamic, approachable and fun. She was a great choice to start off our new series of commercials.

A new direction for the Streamate TV Commercials

The visuals are a stark contrast to many busy and distracting ads you may see on TV. The directors envisioned a pure demonstration of natural beauty with an original soundtrack to draw your attention and fix your gaze. Well if you’ve made it to this site, you’ve probably seen one of these commercials. The women selected for the commercials were chosen for their allure. The costuming and post production work have  intentionally maintained the natural look of these models. This unique approach highlights the unique aspect of each model. On this site you will get a backstage view of the models, exclusive photos and interviews and more.

Lily on set

Lily has a fun and approachable look which shines naturally through her. She has a lot of experience in front of the camera which makes her flirty gaze all the more natural and enticing. She was an excellent choice to start a whole series of commercials highlighting the variety and quality of women you could see on Streamate TV. Streamate TV is one of the premiere live cam sites, real women, real time and it is totally free to join anytime.