Say what? We’ve got a new smoking hot model lighting up the screen this holiday season. Havannasay shows off her flawless skin, big blue eyes and long blonde hair in the latest Streamate TV commercial. Havannasay has a classic beauty with her long slim statuesque build and naturally beautiful face. She has a sexy neck tattoo that makes her even more appealing. Havannasay’s got the look this season so check her out along with all kinds of backstage content you can’t get anywhere else.

Maybe blondes do have more fun…

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Havanna Say shows off her sexy neck tattoo in the most recent commercial. She’s got a killer model body and long legs that made her an excellent choice for the TV commercials. She’s got some cute flirty faces she flaunts in the commercial coupled with her infectious smile that really makes her stand out. The photo session with her was even more stunning as she took some strikingly hypnotic photos. She is tall and statuesque in the standing photos revealing her lean physique but she’s also got a softer side in the photos cuddling up with the pillow and throwing you some flirty faces. She has a gorgeous smile, and we are proud to have her represent Streamate TV the brand.

Sure pretty girls for TV, but what about the site?

Now this is where you are going to be really surprised. You may think, of course you can book top model quality for the television commercials but how many women of that caliber actually frequent the site? Tons is the answer. There are many retired and current fashion models that love to show off on cam. Both national and international, so some of those European unreal beauties – well they are real and they are on the site in the comfort of their home ready to chat with you.

What’s with the pillow?

Pillow talk! We’ve strategically started including a softer setting in our commercials to bring you into the experience. The women on the site are 9 times out of 10 connecting from their bedroom or home office to chat with you. This is why we’ve brought you into a more intimate space for the commercial to represent the personal environment of the Streamate TV network. Havanna was one of our early explorations into this pillow talk idea. We wanted to invite you into the space with the softer tones and comfy pillow. Havanna did an excellent job with her expressions creating a fun and flirty gentle invitation to join in the fun. We wanted to show you how intimate yet casual your connection can be, it’s really up to you what kind of experience you’d like to have.

Havanna for the Holidays

Havanna didn’t just do our traditional commercial shoot. Because of the holiday season coming right around the corner we decided to go ahead and have a little fun at the shoot and have her in a seasonal promo piece. Again she was an excellent choice. We’ve got her wearing a cute Santa hat and being beautiful as usual. This was a really fun piece and will likely come back when the holidays come around the corner again. Sometimes it’s fun to just feel like you are in the holiday season. That’s also one of the really great things about the community on the site. Many of the models like to dress up for the holidays and have special events and activities just around that time, making it fun for everyone. Halloween seems to be a particular favorite. Speaking of Halloween, did you get to see the sweet and steamy shoot of Lily for Halloween. If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out. It is simply not to miss.  Also if you are a fan of these fun and fanciful holiday pieces please comment on our social media accounts, likes and thumbs up so we know you want to see more of that. We are always connecting with our fans and trying to give them more of what they want to see. Another great bonus to checking up on our social media is we’ve got the in with many of the models whom you’ve seen on TV. You can follow their Instagram and keep tabs on their more recent works.

Thanks for being a fan

The models would love to give a shout out to all of their fans, your interest helps grow their career so thanks for showing your interest and giving them likes and thumbs up. They really appreciate the encouragement as they grow their portfolio. Also many of them are on social media so be sure to like and follow and help them grow their fan base so they can continue doing what they love.