Audrey is a beautiful brunette who posed for the Streamate TV national commercial. Her Streamate TV ad shows her natural beauty, though you wouldn’t even imagine seeing the footage that she gets shy in front of cameras. She confesses it makes her nervous to talk to a camera in her Streamate TV backstage interview.

Audrey’s got an adventurous streak which shows in her modeling. She is courageous and loves to travel the world and explore new things.

Audrey’s interview reveals all kinds of interesting details about her. She loves to travel and has been all around the world. Audrey also loves to surf, enjoys just basking in the sun and being in the water. She recognizes the challenge of surfing, and that you can’t just get it on your first day.

Chanel is one of my favorite designers.

Audrey is into so much more than just the modeling side of fashion. She has a creative side that she expresses in her own works that she enjoys seeing on other models.