She is also debuting her modeling career in the same way, plunging into some beautiful erotic photography projects with a friend, that are tasteful and classy exploring the women’s natural beauty. Audrey is also involved in fashion, she mentioned that she has been incredibly inspired by legendary designer Chanel. She was so impressed with how she could do so much with so little. Audrey mentions she loves dressing women up and making them look beautiful. She certainly looked beautiful in the Streamate TV ad showing her slim figure.

Audrey is currently continuing her studies but she has also been a bar tender in the past. She can make a mean Mai Tai and ginger margaritas with a touch of spice. She knows how to make a mean mixed drink but she also knows how to mix it up in front of the camera. Her Streamate TV backstage footage shows her natural fun poses in front of the camera.

I make a really good Rye Old Fashioned.

Sorry fans, she does not keep up on the social media. She does have a twitter and Instagram account which she mentions exists under her name but she hasn’t been keeping up on them as of late. But feel free to follow maybe she’ll jump back in after her upcoming trip to Chile.