Sexy and flirty Ash shows off for the camera. Ash is one of our beautiful models representing Streamate TV in our national TV commercials. As seen on TV, these girls show you the flirty fun you can have with real women who’ve got more than just looks to keep you captivated.

Experimenting in the TV Commercial Studio

The commercial shoot with Ash was pretty unique because we began experimenting with more angles, techniques and props to draw you into the world of the site and show you rather than tell you – how these beautiful women get connected and how you can see and interact with them. This was a bit of a challenge because the commercial has had more of a third person perspective looking into the intimate world of the beautiful model in this bright but warm setting. Now we wanted to take you inside the camera and experimented with different angles as if coming from the computer screen and even further showed many shots of Ash with the computer.

This was an excellent addition to our commercial scenes. The computer and the beautiful girl, simple but poignant. Since this commercial shoot we’ve taken this concept even further using HD footage from an actual computer to give you the real chat experience.

Ash was a wonderful model to work with. She was more than happy to work with us on the shots with the computer as well as the classic glamour shots on the bright backdrop. She has a natural approachable beauty with a hint of an alternative streak and that’s what really made her stand out. Her features give her an approachable beauty but her eyes make her even more alluring. The dyed hair was a must. Why? Because it just says so much about you. The dyed hair is a personality statement and many women on the site have this very statement and it shows a real personal decision about their appearance. Non traditional dyed colors create a statement and these women are exciting, edgy and alternative. We’ve even got an entire category on our website just for dyed hair, because it really makes a difference. It seems like such a small thing but it says so much. To add to Ash’s apparent appeal, she has her fun alternative look juxtaposed with her sweet and shy posture in many photos. This creates such an interesting visual mix that I’m sure you’ll agree is worth watching again. Enjoy the photo and video content we’ve provided for you- and don’t forget to follow our social media for more exclusive content.

Ash has the perfect flirty and alternative look with some tattoos and dyed hair, and beautiful green eyes. Ash shows you all the incredible things you can discover at

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